Who we are

Co-Production was set up by Producer and Curator Rob Bowman (formerly Director of Programme, Arnolfini; Head of Programmes & Production, Artangel; Curator, ICA London and Modern Art Oxford).

Our approach draws not only on the personal expertise Rob has gained in these roles but brings complementary experience to projects by working with associates. In this way we provide levels of support appropriate to a range of needs, for activities from live, performance and visual art, to multi-media installation, architectural-scale sculptural work, experiential work, music events, festivals, and audio-visual and digital work.

Rob has developed his skill and experience as a producer, curator and project and production manager over the last twenty years working at, and in partnership with, leading artistic and cultural organisations. His work has involved commissioning, producing and managing the delivery of internationally recognised artistic projects from start to finish. As the lead for all of Co-Production’s work, he brings a unique combination of experience and insight to the management of relationships and the creative development and practical delivery of projects.

If you are working on a project or activity that we might be able to help with, please get in touch.